Neneh Cherry - Feel it

martes, 16 de junio de 2009
Desde que la escuche a duo con Youssou N'Dour con el gran exito "Seven seconds" me dio curiosidad por conocer mas sobre esta cantante ... me encontre con mas temas que yo, no llegue a conocer en su tiempo pero que si me gustaria tenerlos en mi recopilacion musical. El tema que a continuacion les presento, es uno de ellos.

Neneh Cherry - Feel it (1997)

Luck has been on your side boy,
And life is what you made it
As you've done what you can do

People say
People say that your the only one
Time keeps slipping thru the hour class
You're living in the future boy
But there something inside
Something to hide

In too much pride
Maybe you cried
Wondering why
You know you've got to

Feel it ... feel it over you, under you

Talking to your little sister now
Tell her how you turned to liquid love
Don't get beaten by the tide boy
You've got so much to give of yourself

Some of the things you said
Been living in your head you know
And what you feel
Are just trade marks of your suffering

But you're looking for a reason for everything
because you know that there has to be something in
Every little thing that you're

Feel it ... feel it ... feel it ... over you

Been around and fought a lot of wars
Before you could walk
But then again you walked
A lot of miles before you could talk

And now you know that you feel it
What you gonna
Can you can you

Feel it ... feel it ... feel it
Over you
Can you can you ... feel it

Feel it, feel it, over you
Can you can you ... feel it
Feel it ....

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